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10 Reasons Why You Need to Groom Your Dog Regularly

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Grooming is an important part of owning a dog. All dog owners should know the grooming basics, or take their dog to the groomers regularly. Even dogs with short coats need to have their claws cut, their ears cleaned and will need the occasional brush. Read our informative blog on why you need to groom your dog.

If you are thinking of getting a new dog then you should factor in the cost of grooming, and make sure you have all the grooming products you might need. Grooming keeps your dog healthy and has many benefits.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to groom your dog.

  1. To prevent knots, matts and tangles

A lot of dogs need to have their coat brushed regularly to prevent it from matting and getting knotted. If a dog’s coat is not brushed and it becomes severely matted it can be painful and uncomfortable for them and this may result in having to have your dog shaved short to get rid of the matts.

     2. To keep their ears clean

We will clean your dog’s ears when they come in for a groom if needed. Regular cleaning keeps your pup's ears healthy and problem-free. You can also clean your dog’s ears at home with cotton wool and an ear cleaning solution which you can purchase from a pet shop or vets or just fetch them into us for this service.

     3. To keep an eye out for parasites

 While you are grooming your dog, you can check for parasites such as fleas and ticks, this is something we always check when grooming your dog and let you know if there are any issues. Grooming can draw attention to parasites that may not otherwise have been spotted.

     4. To keep an eye out for injuries or growths

Grooming can also help to highlight any injuries, growths or abrasions hidden underneath your dog’s fur. We always to do a health check before we groom your dog to identify any potential health problems and will let you know if we find any issues when you collect your pet.

     5. To get rid of dead hair/dense undercoat

Dead hair can build up and by giving your dog a good brush they are less likely to moult as much. Getting rid of some of your dog’s dense undercoat can also help to keep them cooler.

     6. To keep your dog clean

Grooming your dog obviously helps to keep them nice and clean. Brushing and washing your dog gets rid of dirt debris in your dog’s coat.

     7. To keep your dog smelling fresh

Grooming helps to keep your dog smelling fresh. Dog shampoos can help your dog to smell amazing. You can also use a dog deodorant spray for an extra spritz of freshness.  We always give 2 shampoos and a spritz of cologne to every groom we do so your dog smells fresher for longer

     8. To keep their nails short

Dogs need to have their nails cut short on a regular basis, so they don’t get too long and catch them on things.  This also is a vital to stop the nails getting to overgrown and growing back into your dog’s pads, we offer this with every service and also as a stand alone service.

     9. To keep their coat in good condition

Grooming helps to keep your dog’s coat in tip top condition, especially if you use a dog shampoo that has ingredients that can help improve the appearance of their coat. 

     10. To get them used to being groomed/handled

Grooming is a good way of getting your dog used to being handled. If they are groomed from a young age then they can get used to the process of grooming and it shouldn’t be a problem as they get older.  We offer all puppies under 6 months old 2 free 15-minute sessions with us to get them comfortable with the grooming process and recommend this for every breed of dog.

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