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Dog Grooming Tips: Home Brushing

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It goes without saying that booking regular visits to Noah’s Ark is the most effective way to keep your dog’s coat healthy, but whether you book an appointment every month or every 12 weeks, you can also help to maintain your pet’s fur when you are at home.

Many of our services will help to improve the condition of your pet’s hair and stimulate their skin to help regrowth.  We use a variety of shampoos that are all kind to dog’s skin and help to maintain the coat.  However, by brushing out your pet every couple of days you can help to maintain the coat and keep it tangle free.

We also sell a range of brushes that we can advise you on which is the best for use on your pet.

Benefits of dog grooming at home

Whether your dog has long or short hair or if you think your dog might not need it, dog grooming at home is essential for several reasons.

Remove those dead hairs

By brushing your dog in between grooming sessions it helps remove the dead hair which keeps the coat looking glossy. It also allows air to circulate more freely through to the skin which keeps the dogs cool in the hotter months. On top of this, by removing the hair yourself you’ll stop hair scattering around your house, so hopefully less vacuuming!

Get rid of those knots

When your dog’s play in the rain or wears a harness, it is inevitable that their coat will become knotted especially with certain coat types, by working through the fur with a slicker brush or comb regularly you will be able to detangle the knots before they become more of an issue. If you fail to remove the knots and neglect brushing the coat it will eventually become matted.

Matted coats

Matted coats can be very painful for your dog as the hair tightens and pulls on their skin. If it is a severe case the coat will become pelted and can only be removed by shaving off on a very short blade close to the skin. This can be a miserable experience for your dog as when removing the coat, it will be uncomfortable, not to mention leaving the dog with very little hair left.  This can be avoided with regular brushing and the use of detangle sprays.

Check for lumps and bumps

Its not just your pet’s vanity which is at stake when you brush them, it might help keep them healthy. By brushing your dog regularly you’ll get to know their skin and bodies, which will allow you to notice any uncharacteristic lumps, bumps, cuts or painful spots which may pre-empt a trip to the vets., hopefully spotting any signs of illness before they become to sinister.

Your premier dog groomers in Hull

By keeping your dog brushed and knot free, it will mean that their next appointment at Noah’s Ark will be enjoyable and you will be able to have a beautiful style.

Remember we also offer in-between grooms at a discounted price if you come within 4 weeks of your full groom appointment to help you maintain the coat.

We also can help show you how to maintain your dogs coat yourself between grooms just ask more for details to book in for this service.

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